Fathers, how much do you love your children?

How much do you care for them?

Would you do anything for them?

Would you take care of them the best way you possibly can?

Would you walk your little girl down the aisle one day?

Would you play football with your son on a Sunday afternoon?

Would you promise to be a good father to your children?

But more importantly, would you be truthful to them?


Despite the fact you’re no longer with your spouse

Would you ever move onto another love

and not let your child know until months later?

Would you ever be sneaky?

Would you ever say things to your child out of anger that aren’t true?

Would you ever start a family with someone else and leave you your child out the loop?

Would you ever make your child cry and then demand them to stop?


If you really love your child, and if you were truthful to them

You wouldn’t do any of these.

Think before you act

Because your actions can have an affect on your child

So don’t play the victim if the decide to cut you out of their lives.

What goes around comes around.

Body Exceptance

Everyday we see size 6 models striking poses in our fav fashion magazines

It’s only very rarely we see normal chicks taking their stride

The fashion world use to turn their noses at big girls because in their eyes we’re ugly

Unattractive, and we’re not sexy

Some say that being a size 6 is healthy

Being a size 6 is sexy

Being a size 6 will bring you confidence



Being skinny isn’t meant to be for all of us

We weren’t all made to be fat, I’n not disputing that

But not all bodies were built to be skinny


Our happiness shouldn’t be determined by what the scales say

Or what your BMI is

Or what size clothes you wear

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got cellulite or stretch marks

Who really cares

It’s your body so treat it with love

Don’t deprive yourself of anything that makes you feel good


And for all you yummy mummies out their who just had a baby or two

And all those nasty trolls and snobby cowards wanna through their “fat” arrows at you

“You need to lose weigh” and “You look disgusting”

Tell them “I love myself and I don’t care what you say or think”

“God gave me this body and I adore it”


Who cares if you’re a size 10 or 20?

Who cares if you don’t waxes your eyebrows or shave your legs?

Who care if you don’t go to the gym for hours on end?

So what?


Whats said is that so many people with very little self esteem think its ok to attack

Just to validate themselves

Thats a big issue

But leave them to it


Take care of your body

Treat it with love and respect

Don’t be a slave to food but don’t be a slave to society

Be happy with what you’ve got and work with it.

Happiness comes from within

Honesty: The easy way

Everyday a lot of us here Katie Hopkins blasting the media with her explicit opinions

Within any recognition or consideration of how her ‘honesty’ can have an effect on us

There are other ways of being honest to someone

Without having to be rude or derogatory to one another

For example ‘I have to be honest, sometime your behaviour annoys me’

Not ‘You’re annoying, nobody likes you’.

People get the wrong idea about honesty

People like Alan Sugar, Katie Hopkins and RHBH’s Ken Todd

Are the prime examples of honesty without consideration

Being cold towards people pushes others away.

Saying what you want and not caring about the effects hinders their emotional growth

Be careful what you see

We all love a good song to listen to every now and again

We love watching a good program

We also enjoy reading a magazine here and then

But how does it make you feel after you watch “that” program?

How do you feel after you listen to “that” song?

And how do you feel after you read “that” story from a choosen magazine?

Do you feel happy? Sad? Anxious? Excited? Scared? Angry?

What thoughts do you have after you’ve watched a crime film?

Do you have good thoughts?

Do you have sad thoughts?

Do you have thoughts that emulate what you just saw on the scree?

How do you feel after watching a horror film?

Does it put you at ease?

Does it make you happy?

Do you have pleasent thoughts?

Do you have scary thoughts?

How do you feel after listening to an explicit song with sexual conotation?

Do you feel exasperated?

Do you feel good?

Do you get a warm feeling?

What we see and what we hear has an effect on our mind and emotions

We see too many people getting into trouble on the news


Because for years they have been watching things on TV that weren’t productive for them

As well as listening to songs that weren’t doing any justice either

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what you see and hear

But would you rather watch a program that will make you happy?

Or a program that would make you sad?

Would you rather listen to music that puts your spirit at ease?

Or music that puts you on edge?

What we see has an immediate effect on our emotions

Over a long period of time those emotions turn into thoughts

Thoughts turn into actions

Actions lets to consequence

Those consequences can give you life or death

Enjoy your life

Don’t let it waste away


Is it hard to send a quick text to someone you love?

Is it hard to give them a phone call when you’re not doing anything?

Is it hard to show any acknowledgment to friends and family?

Sure. I can understand you’re busy with work, bills and what not

But are you so busy you can’t text or phone anyone?

I really doubt it.



We don’t realise that rejection can hurt us emotionally

Even as simple as not responding to a text or a phone call or email

Over time it can leave the person trying to reach out to you drained

They fell unwanted, pushed out, uncared.

They start to wonder if you’re really busy or if you avoiding them



When it comes to school children can be cruel at times

Teenagers are the worst.

“I’m friends with her now, I don’t wan’t you anymore”

When one friend gets a little taste of popularity

They push the other friend aside

Leaving them thinking “What have I done”?

“Where did I go wrong”? “What did I do to deserve this”?

Years later the friend who becomes popular turns nasty

They will be nice to you one minute and be mean the next

They will only want you around when it suits them

They bleed you out and suck you dry

They take advantage of your kindness without any recognition

Overtime it leave you feeling bitter, low in confidence, angry

Unable to trust anyone.


Rejection comes in many ways

From not responding to texts and calls

To pushing you aside for the “upper-hand” and adultery

As well as child neglect, job rejection, favotism and so on.

You may be thinking “I can’t be bothered with them”

“I don’t care if they don’t want me around” “I’m just gonna do me”

But the truth is underneath the hard exterior you’re crying inside

You’re fed up and tired of rejection

But everyone is so wrapped up in themselves to notice


Everyone deserves a chance, a friend, a job, a companion

God didn’t bring anyone to walk alone.

So why are we treated each other like that?

Why are we pushing people aside and making them feel alone?

You say “you’re busy” but how busy are you?

Words with Power: To harm or to Build

“You don’t have what it takes”
“You’re not what we’re looking for”
These are the words young people hear whilst looking for work
And there’s more
“You haven’t been successful”
“We’ve found someone else with more experience”
“We really like you but we thought others were more suited for the job”
Or to put it simpler
“We don’t want you”
“We found someone else who’s cooler than you”
“We thought you were OK but you weren’t good enough”
Moving on swiftly…..

“You haven’t got it in you to be singer”
“You can’t sing”
“You’re under achieving, big time!”
“No one cares”
“No one likes you”
“There’s a chair over there with your name on it”
They’re basically saying that you haven’t got talent
That you won’t achieve or amount to anything
No cares about you or like you and that you deserve to be alone
Who are they to say that?
Do they have a right?
Why do they say these things?
What are getting out of hurting the innocent with their venomous words?

“You’re beautiful”
“You’re talented”
“You’re the most stylish person out of all of the girls I’ve seen”
“Big, blonde and beautiful”
“You have such an infecteous”
“You look fantastic”
“You’re lovely”
“You have your whole life ahead of you”
These are the words that build people up
Not to sugar coat or butter or flatter you
But to remind you of who you truly are

We live in a world where people think its ok to say horrible things about each other
Even if it seems like just a small joke
People think that words are nothing
But words do have an effect on our lives
Words can hurt
Words can heal
Words can give you strength
Words can wear you out
Words can bring life
Words can bring death
Words can have a profound effect on our emotions whether they’re good or bad
Our emotions turn into actions
Actions lead to results
The results can either bring you a life of pleasure or a life of pain

I’m not trying to sound superstitious
I’m just trying to get you to use your words wisely
Lets spend less time word bashing and more time loving
Love gives you strength
Hate ends lives
It’s far more better to live a life of Love
Than an eternity of Hate
Take your pick
Love or Hate